Meg & Ryan

“The Guardian & The Big Silly Chicken”
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Our two turkeys are both very special and have remarkable rescue stories. Meg was bought at a feed store and her owner realized it was probably better not to have a turkey with his chickens. The chocolate turkey breed is near extinct and are named for their chocolate colored feathers, legs and feet.

Fact: It is legal and common practice for baby birds (one or two days old) to be shipped through the USPS. People order them and if the baby chicks survive, it is not possible to know the sex of a bird for 12-30 weeks! This is why there are so many unwanted roosters Ryan, our Broad Breasted White Turkey, was accidentally shipped in a box at two days old with little baby chickens. Once the owners realized she was a turkey, they reached out to Goatlandia. This breed is the most widely used breed commercially. More than 48 million turkeys are born with the fate of being Thanksgiving dinner. Being genetically bred, they have short breast bones and larger breasts. Females can grow to twenty pounds while the males can be up to forty pounds in the 16-20 weeks they are alive. Meg roosts up on the fence looking out for our chicken flock while Ryan hangs with all the little leghorn chickens.

Some of our rescued animals need specific medical care, treatments, or supplements to help them grow and heal here at the sanctuary. Meg & Ryan fall in that category, and so we have a special Cuddly campaign just for them.

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