Experience the Joy of Goats

We inspire visitors to consider the alternatives to conventional animal agriculture by:
  • Trying delicious, organic, plant-based foods both here and at home.
  • Living a lifestyle that supports our ecosystem and our planet.
  • Boosting our personal health and vitality with plant-based food choices.
  • Saving the lives of thousands of animals with individual personalities and rights.

Bottle Babies Breakfast Club

Bottle-feed baby lambs or goats!

It’s baby season, and we need help feeding our rescued babies! We are rescuing many baby goats from slaughter or from meat auctions. Right now, we also have baby lambs, which is a unique and special treat!!

We have babies who are newborns as well as babies who are now a over a month old. These babies need a lot of milk, and sometimes veterinary care to grow strong and healthy. Your donation helps with food, daily care and medical needs for these beautiful babies

For a donation of $500, bring a party of 4 and help feed the babies. It takes many hands to feed them! Spend up to an hour with the babies for sufficient feeding and cuddling time. :-)





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Take a Tour

Meet the animals and learn about our mission.

For donations of $50+ per person, we offer donors a private tour. Meet and greet over 30 animals who would love to welcome you to Goatlandia! From goats to sheep to pigs and various feathered friends, come meet and socialize with all of our animals and learn their stories.

You might even get to rub some pig bellies and brush some goats! You can also add a lunch or dinner! (see pricing in the next section.)
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Private meal experience

Enjoy a plant-based meal prepared by Deborah Blum.

Goatlandia raises a large part of its funding through our plant-based catering, food vendor events, and private meals. All menus are designed with the guests’ favorite foods and requests in mind, and everything is prepared by our founder, Deborah. All of our dishes are 100% plant-based, organic, and made with love. The private meal experience at Goatlandia is always a highlight of everyone’s visit.


$50 a person for a one-course, casual, sandwich with soup or salad picnic lunch. Includes non-alcoholic beverage; requires minimum party of 4 people.

$75 a person for three-course, includes soup, salad, & entrée, OR soup or salad, entrée, & dessert. Includes non-alcoholic beverage; requires minimum party of 4 people.


$150 a person for four-course, plated dinner. Includes non-alcoholic beverage.

Wine or Cheese Board:

Lunch - $35 per bottle.

Dinner - $75 per person wine pairings (a half glass of different wine with each course) or $35 per bottle

Cheese Board - $60 for four people, we can add a cheese board to your lunch or dinner menu, upon request.

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Goat Hikes

Get your exercise and your goat on!

Goats are excellent hikers and tour guides! Put on some comfortable shoes and join us as we explore a local area park trail for approximately 90 minutes. After working up an appetite, enjoy an organic, plant-based lunch back at the sanctuary.

For donations of $575+, we’ll provide donors a private hike and lunch for up to 6 people. Add an additional donation of $35 (per donor) and we’ll include wine with your meal.

See you on the trail!
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private parties

Enjoy Goatlandia exclusively with your friends and family!

After your private tour, you are welcome to enjoy Goatlandia for a private party for you and your friends! Enjoy sitting poolside or under our covered patio while our goats frolic in the background. For a $300 donation, you can use the space for up to two hours for up to 15 people.

While we do not allow outside food or beverages, we are happy to provide food, drinks, wine, a cake or cupcakes, etc. for your group for an additional charge. Our private party charge of $250 does include plates, forks, napkins, and non-alcoholic beverages.

If you have children with you, we can setup a table with coloring and other activities. Decorations are not included, but you are welcome to bring them with you or come early to decorate. If you are interested in a cake or cupcakes, they will be charged based upon size. Cake pickup and service is included.

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