Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities with Goatlandia

If our rescued animal family has inspired you and your organization, and you're exploring how to bring something unique to your team you might consider our corporate sponsorship program.

We offer three levels of sponsorship, each receiving shout outs for your generous donation, and a commitment from our team to offer a fulfilling volunteering experience when you visit our sanctuary. You can also tailor your sponsorship, or visit with any or all of our unique “treats”!

The Alpine - $10,000 per annum

  • Up to 4 team volunteering experiences a year (up to 25 people per visit)
  • Plaque on our “Family & Friends” sanctuary wall, in addition to recognition on Goatlandia website
  • Team sponsorship of an animal
  • 25% discount to Goatlandia events (up to 25 tickets)
  • 20% discount in Goatlandia store

The Boer - $5,000 per annum

  • Up to 2 team volunteering experiences a year (up to 25 people per visit)
  • Customized videos from your team’s favorite Goatlandia animals
  • Team sponsorship of an animal
  • Recognition of your sponsorship on Goatlandia web site
  • 20% discount to Goatlandia events (up to 25 tickets)
  • 15% discount in Goatlandia store

The Saanen - $500 per visit

  • One team volunteering experience (up to 25 people)
  • Social media coverage
  • 10% discount to Goatlandia store

Treats! Tailoring Your Sponsorship

If you would like to create an extra special experience for your team. Consider any, or all of our unique add-ons:

  • Organic plant-based picnic lunch: $30 pp
  • Goatlandia gift bag for your team: $50 pp
  • 90 minute team tour led by a member of our team: $25pp
  • Rental of team meeting space, refreshments, vegan cookies and organic plant-based picnic lunch - contact the team for details and prices


We are in! What’s next?

That’s brilliant! Thank you.

Now we need to take care of some pesky administration, but don’t worry we’ll soon be welcoming you to the sanctuary.

Step 1: Please complete this form.

Step 2: Please send your corporate sponsorship donation in any of the following ways:

  • Online using our Goatlandia Experiences donation form.
  • Send a check by mail to: Goatlandia c/o Corporate Volunteer Program, 2336 Olivet Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95401.
  • Pay in person using a credit card or check.

Step 3: Get ready to meet our team and organize your visit!


Here are a few wonderful words from past corporate volunteers...

Pacific, Gas & Electric

“Volunteering at Goatlandia was a really enjoyable experience! I really loved being able to connect with coworkers that I otherwise would not see or meet as well as hang out with some goats! I would absolutely love to volunteer there again. It definitely is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community." – Rachel Rome (PG & E)

“My experience at Goatlandia was a fun and rewarding experience. Our furry friends  kept us company throughout our shift and expressed their gratitude the entire time by demanding attention.  I was happy to give it! I can’t wait to go back and help again.” – Amelia Harter (PG & E)

“Great place to volunteer with a group or team. Wonderful staff that are super enthusiastic about the animals and they love having you there!” – Krista Benson (PG & E)

Humane League

“Thank you so much for having us! It was a glorious day and so refreshing to see so many people dedicated to the animals. We can't wait to come back!"


Jackson Family Wines

“Our team loved volunteering at Goatlandia. Every year, our employees receive 16 hours of paid time off to volunteer in our local communities and Goatlandia provided a rewarding and educational teambuilding experience.

Interacting with the animals while helping with various farm tasks was very fulfilling. Definitely stay for the catered lunch. The food is amazing!" ~ Elizabeth (Jackson Family Wines)


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