In-Kind Donations

Here's a wishlist of items we could always use. Please check back often for updates. Thank you!

Fruits, Vegetables, Hay, or Other Foods

Here's a list of  food that the animals really enjoy:
• The  goats love xxxx, xxxx, xxx, xxx
• The horses love xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx
• The pigs love xxxm xxxm xxxxx
• The chickens love xxx, xxx, xxxx, xx
• The sheep love xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx
• The dogs love xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxxx
• Everyone could use some hay!
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Amazon Wishlist

We have a wishlist if you'd like to donate items via Amazon or any online store of your choice. We also accept gently used items. Donations can be delivered to 2336 Olivet Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95401.
Check out our wishlist

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