“The Faithful Hauler”
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This truck has helped save many, many lives. It is Goatlandia's only truck that can pull the trailer that holds the animals' rescued from farms, the animals needing transport to go to sanctuaries, and during evacuations during high fire season and flooding. So far it has helped rescuers for 160,000 miles!

Goatlandia has been using this truck for 3.5 years, and it's integral to their rescue and sanctuary work. Ideally, they would love to have a secondary backup vehicle, but they cannot afford it. So, they really need to get this truck fixed and back up and running so they can continue to use it for another 160,000 miles of saving lives! There are so many animals that are in need of saving, but rescuers cannot save them without this truck. Please consider donating to help cover the repair estimate, which is roughly $5,000. Thank you so much in advance!

Some of our rescued animals need specific medical care, treatments, or supplements to help them grow and heal here at the sanctuary. Goatlandia-Mobile falls in that category, and so we have a special Cuddly campaign just for them.

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