The Team

Small but Mighty

Here at Goatlandia, we don’t have a huge staff, fancy titles, or lots of office space. But we work our tails off, we get a lot done, and we have fun doing it! We pride ourselves on being small, grassroots, and humble. We have smart minds, big hearts, and we all do a little bit of everything to get the job done.

Our Founder

Deborah Blum

Goddess of Goats and All Things Goatlandia

Deb’s been pretty busy in her life with careers that include swimwear designer, restaurateur, and commercial pilot. After living in San Francisco for 22 years, Deborah gave up the city life, bought a house, and moved to Santa Rosa. The newly acquired acreage enabled her to have space for a few chickens and a couple of goats. One thing led to another – her love of farm animals grew, as did her furry and feathered family. After seeing a video about animal agriculture and feeling shocked and saddened, she became vegan overnight. She devoted herself to the belief that all beings deserve to be happy and live a life free of harm and fear.  And then she started rescuing animals. Almost all animals at Goatlandia were destined for slaughter, unwanted, sick, or born with congenital disabilities. Instead, they have been rescued, healed, made to feel safe, and are very loved (and a little spoiled). Today, Goatlandia is home to a family of goats, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, horses, dogs, and two happy (and very busy) humans

Our Awesome Staff

Patrick Stewart

Fixits & Tidbits
If Patrick can’t do it, no one can!
Patrick is someone who is totally in love with food. (Oh, and he’s in love with Deborah, his wife too).  Patrick grew up in California and Canada, but Patrick’s serious love of food began 25 years ago when he got a job in the warehouse of an organic produce distribution company in San Francisco. He made his way up through the company over the years to become Director of Operations. He had the incredible opportunity to visit organic farmers all over the world, and his love of fruit and vegetables blossomed. Then he met Deb in 2017 and learned about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. After meeting Deb and the rescued animal family at Goatlandia, Patrick found it really easy to give up eating animals and animal products. Patrick shifted to working full time for Goatlandia as a volunteer and is in charge of all the really fun and hard stuff; building structures and fences, repairs and maintenance, compost management, orchard and vineyard work, and animal transport.

Marie Rochelle Macaspac

Moolah Maker & Tech/Design Geek
She puts the “fun” in fundraising! Also, the resident nerd.

Marie loves to raise money for rescued animals! She's also a graphic designer and manages technical matters related to print, online, web, and digital needs. Starting in 2020, she’s been leading Goatlandia’s marketing and fundraising efforts. She is also a dedicated advocate for veganism and compassionate living.

In addition to her love and respect for farm animals, Marie has a special place in her heart for senior dogs, sloths, cats, bunnies, and guinea pigs, which is evident in the roster of organizations she has proudly served in the last 12 years.

Ivan Orozco

Building and R&M Supervisor, Animal Care
Lead Dirt Pusher

Ivan is from Oaxaca Mexico, and has been here in Sonoma County for 22 years. He has spent 13 years working in Permaculture and Landscape Installation in Sonoma County. Ivan is in charge of all of Goatlandia’s Construction, Landscape Installation and Management, and Facilities. Ivan enjoys working at Goatlandia because he loves being on the land, building things, and helping things grow. Marcus is Ivan’s favorite goat. When he was a young boy, Ivan’s mom sold his favorite goat and he was so sad, so he really enjoys being around goats now that are happy, loved and safe.

Leo Canseco

Repairs and Maintenance, Animal Care
El Profesor

Leo Canseco is from Oaxaca Mexico and has been in Sonoma County for 2 years. He was a School Teacher in Oaxaca for 25 years and has three daughters and two sons back in Oaxaca; two of which are in college. Leo loves working at Goatlandia because the work is diverse; every day is different and the property is beautiful and peaceful. Also, he really likes that the style of animal interaction here is kind (unlike the farms he worked on in Mexico) and he really appreciates that. Leo has learned to care of animals with compassion, which he loves. He is the primary caregiver for our horses, and is seen here with Lucas.

Reede Shadbourne

Director of Operations
Jack of all trades (in training)
Reede started as an intern at Goatlandia during her freshman year of college in 2020. "I was the first intern that Goatlandia had so I got the opportunity to work closely with Deborah and learn more than I ever thought possible. My time at Goatlandia was the happiest I had been throughout my whole college experience and once I graduated I just knew I had to come back."
Reede was raised as a vegetarian and has always had an intense love for animals, especially goats! Her college experience allowed her to learn new perspectives and ideas that have made her a more compassionate and confident person. " I hope I can use what I've learned to save more animals that deserve all the love and appreciation in the world."
Reede adds, "Deborah is my personal hero and I feel blessed to be back working here and continue to learn from everyone involved here."
In Reede's free time she like to run, play soccer, and attempt to cook new vegan recipes. A special memory at Goatlandia was getting to do physical therapy and care for Vincent, the tripod goat. " I still think about him to this day," she says.

Emma McCapes

Tour Guide & Animal Care
Have a question? Ask Emma!
Emma has been volunteering at Goatlandia on Saturday mornings since the summer of 2017. In addition to her volunteer duties, she now leads public and private tours!
Emma was raised vegetarian and went vegan on New Years Day of 2014 so her diet is in line with her values. As a lifelong animal lover and advocate, she loves to spend time with and care for our rescued farmed animals and has a soft spot for the older or special needs residents.
When Emma is not volunteering or leading tours at Goatlandia, she works for the Animal Legal Defense Fund and loves spending time with her senior dog, Zoe, and her young nieces.

Our Board Members

Uta Lorenzen

Board Member and Chair

Uta first visited Goatlandia in November 2016, on a quest to visit animal sanctuaries in the Bay Area after she went vegan in October 2016. She has been involved and in love with Goatlandia and its animals ever since! She is Chair of the Board, and has been a part of numerous outreach events for the sanctuary. Uta works in development at a mathematical institute and enjoys telling her coworkers about the joys of goat selfies. She is inspired daily by studying herbalism, being in nature, walking her dog, and by the founder of Goatlandia, Deborah Blum.

Joseph Drypolcher

Board Member and Treasurer

Joseph was born and raised in San Francisco and owns and operates a boutique dog hotel in the mission with his partner. He hopes to give back to his community through public outreach, advocacy, and a meat-free lifestyle. Goatlandia aligns with his views of how we should be challenging the status quo of animals, and promoting and protecting them.

Sylvie Fremont

Board Member

Sylvie found her passion for rescuing animals two decades ago after working in the fragrance industry, being a caterer, and raising 3 children. She was born in France but has lived in the USA for more than 30 years and moved to Northern California in 2018. 

Her advocacy started with cats and dogs in New York suburbs, then when she moved to California she discovered Goatlandia. Currently Sylvie actively runs her business, Atelier Sylvie Fremont, a small gold and silver handmade jewelry studio. She's also an ordained minister and enjoys performing weddings and animal blessings.

Since 2001, Sylvie is also a Reiki master and teacher. Through her practice, she promotes shelter animals, healing and compassion through Kindness Reiki, her teaching platform for animals and their humans.

Laurie Ubben

Board Member

Laurie, having grown up as the proverbial black sheep in her family, has always championed the underdog — sadly, somewhat silently for a good part of her existence.  Recently, happily, advocating for those without a voice has begun to manifest itself in her actions with fewer apologies.  Five years ago, she ditched dairy to become fully vegan.  Preparing meals for her family daily during the confinement has become a joy, a meditation and a religion.  Prior to this most recent revelation, Laurie grew up in Connecticut, went to college in North Carolina, married shortly thereafter to her husband of 37 years and has three children.  And lots of animals.  She has worked in advertising, art sales, film production and music education.  Settling in to animal welfare is where she is meant to be and she is honored and grateful to have met and be welcomed into the Goatlandia community.  With her husband she supports and has boots on the ground within a few other environmental and animal welfare organizations including World Wildlife Fund, E.O. Wilson’s Half Earth Project and Muttville.

Deborah Beck

Board Member
Deborah came to Goatlandia to volunteer in 2021 after moving to the area from New York City.
New to farm animals at that time, after her first shift with the Dairy Goat Rescue Boys she fell in love and adopted 2 of those babies (now big happy boys).
When not at Goatlandia, she splits her time between San Francisco and Cazadero and is the owner of Haight Fitness, an endurance coaching company focused on Ironman and ultra distance athlete training.
Photo: Deborah's 2 adopted goats, Harry and Liam

Jo Dennis

Board Member

Jo is British, but has been in California for the last 18 years. Most recently Jo was the Chief People Officer for Pinterest. Since then she has been on a mission to engage more deeply with the community she lives in, and pursue her passion for animal welfare, creativity, plants and fiber.

Since becoming a volunteer in 2023, Jo has been inspired by the Goatlandia team and their mission. When she’s not at Goatlandia, she’s cycling with her husband, knitting, in the kitchen perfecting gluten free sourdough, or tending to her Occidental garden.

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