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"Absolutely loved coming here when my mom was visiting. Never heard about it before but randomly found it on Google maps when we were going up to bodega Bay. Spent a couple hours here with the suggested $25 per person donation. Had such a fun time, petting all the goats and pigs. I will definitely be posting about it and recommending for others to go. It’s also not just a kid activity, there was only one child in our whole group and the rest were all adults so don’t be afraid to live like a kid for a day. They also take donations so they can feed their rescued animals and they also sell merch online to support them."
~ Rainy D, Goatlandia tour visitor
"Goatlandia is a place to heal your heart. I’ve never experienced the peace I find every time I am there. Reede is such an amazing and knowledgeable woman and has bountiful patience. It doesn’t need to be said that just being around animals, being low to the ground with them and just listening to them can bring peace and pillow smother trauma to a degree. The joy in pigs spinning for veggie treats cannot be matched, the softness of baby goats that would’ve been murdered because they just aren’t good enough. It is close to overwhelming when you think of Deb saving these lives of such varying species, how many would not be here because of production control and supply chain demands. Marie is someone who is so easy to talk to and I know that I’m forgetting so many names of everyone else there because once I get there, I get distracted by the pigs. Everyone should visit this modern day Shangri-La. Thank you for all that you do. 💚🐐❤️🐖💚 🐴 ❤️ 🪿 💚 🦃 ❤️ 🐑 💚 🦆 ❤️ 🦙 💚"
~ Andrea, Goatlandia supporter and visitor
“I so admire the work you are doing and the eco friendly message you represent as well as the community involvement. You have inspired me to move to more of a plant based diet.”
~ Helen S., Goatlandia supporter
"Thank you so much for such a special visit to our community last week. Our seniors really loved spending time with Roger and Brenda, and a surprising number of folks shared stories about their experiences with goats in their youth. You really helped create a meaningful and unique experience for them that they were excited to share with their families that week.

You also made Larry’s (our WWII vet) day. Brenda, thank you for letting him hold Roger’s lead. That simple act gave him such a source of joy and pride and self-efficacy. He’s still gushing about Roger!

The cookies were delicious and such a lovely touch. Thank you again for all you did for us and all you do every day."
~ Kimberly Luck, Resident Program Director, Brookdale Paulin Creek
"My sister Ani and I want to thank everyone at Goatlandia, for a wonderful time… we loved all of it, the goats, the pigs, the horses, the sheep in the distance…the vibe…the people…wow! Thank you for filling our hearts with hope, and for providing such a wonderful home, a sanctuary, for the animals. We look forward to returning! "
~ Libby and Ani, tour visitors
"The Church of the Roses “Boomers” group toured Goatlandia today and we all fell in love with the place! It has “good spiritual vibes!” The goats, alpaca, horses, pigs and turkeys were obviously very happy and content. The environment was safe and smelled fresh! We learned a lot about the importance of assessing goat personalities and keeping the bonded groups together. Everyone in our group from the church was so impressed with the whole sanctuary. It is a blessing for the animals, staff and volunteers to be there! We hope to find ways our church can help in the future."
~ Reverend Dr Cynthia Alloway, on behalf of the Church of the Roses in Santa Rosa.
"It was the best day of our lives! Thank you for the wonderful experience, I’m glad we got to show the animals some love."
~ Aunelle and Brooke, tour visitors
"A friend and I spent a wonderful hour visiting with rescued goats at Goatlandia during the recent farm tours in Sonoma County. I loved being able to pet and brush the goats! The volunteers were all amazing, taking time to answer our questions and sharing how much they enjoy working with the animals. There are also pigs, horses and sheep on the property. Goatlandia has volunteer opportunities and a kids camp, as well as a small shop on the property with all things goat & animal love!"
~ Jodi tour visitor
"We had a great visit! Emma and Deborah were super knowledgeable, kind and great volunteers to spend the two hours with for the tour. My daughter’s favorite animals were the pigs :). We look forward to returning in the future!

Thanks for all you do for these animals and the community."
~ Alissa, tour visitor
"This place is great!!! I went for a late birthday celebration and was honestly expecting some kind of farm and heated up boca burgers then they’d kick us out. I was wrong! My boyfriend and i got to see goats, chickens, a turkey, more goats (obviously) and Elf, the cutest guard dog ever! I learned new things too, which i appreciate because I adore animals. We also got to feed the goats tortilla chips! The dinner was restaurant quality, don’t you worry. Deb KILLS IT in the kitchen. (get it, ‘cause it’s vegan? anyways...) I was inspired to start Meatless Mondays it was so good. couldn’t recommend enough!"
~ Jess, tour visitor
"I have to give a huge, grateful shout out to the amazing people and animals of Goatlandia Farm Animal Sanctuary and Education Center!!! My kiddo just finished a week long camp there - their inaugural camp - and it was fantastic! So much better than other's he's done this Summer. They feed them organic, plant-based meals! I didn't have to pack a thing! They did art projects daily, while also teaching them sign language, cause WHY NOT?! And taught them about Earth stewardship, animal welfare and care and more. He got to feed the goats and play w/ the babies and today the parents got the full tour. The goats were so beautiful and friendly and fun. My son loved it and he's a bit tough to please. We'll definitely do it again next Summer. "

                                                                                                                                                         ~ Tanya, Kids Camp parent
"The clients and staff at Kaleidoscope always look forward to our monthly Goatlandia visit! Everyone tries to guess which farm animal friends they’ll bring next. The clients respond in such a positive way to having animals around. We have clients with therapy animals at home, as well as clients that seek out various animal-based therapies such as equine therapy. Goatlandia is always a crowd favorite! The clients benefit from experiencing the various textures of the animals' coats and feathers, as well as their companionship. Some of the animals have even planted a smooch or two! We see firsthand the smiles and giggles that Goatlandia’s farm animal friends evoke. In addition to the in-person experience, we showcase all of the Goatlandia fun via livestream on Kaleidoscope's Virtual Day Program- which allows our clients that are currently attending day program virtually to take part in the animal experience as well as ask questions for Goatlandia’s knowledgable staff! Goatlandia Farm Animal Sanctuary takes great care in making this wonderful experience accessible and fun for medically fragile and developmentally disabled individuals. We love Goatlandia and can’t wait until their next visit!"
~ Sidona Sylva, Assistant Program Director, Kaleidoscope ADP
"I love being with the animals and learning how to care for them; seeing a new rescue start to sparkle; understanding more and more how to live a compassionate lifestyle; and making wonderful friends both human and animal. I am so grateful for Goatlandia."
~ Ariane Peixoto, Goatlandia volunteer
“Not only does Goatlandia give deserving animals a place to call home, they are serving people in so many ways as well. Adults and children alike have an opportunity to experience why our food choices, how we treat the environment and the animals, all matter.”
~ Susan Cole, Goatlandia volunteer
“ I also want to express my appreciation for the substantial work undertaken by Goatlandia as a non profit. Work that services the community, planet, county, etc. They are the single most dedicated organization I have ever known. Their community outreach is extensive, and without selfishness. My experience with this organization and the people behind it has been nothing short of wonderful.”
~ Ace Jennings, Goatlandia volunteer
"Wow! We had such a fantastic time at Goatlandia! I loved meeting all of the goats, hearing their stories, and, of course, having the chance to pet and snuggle them. I so appreciate the work you’re doing for all of the animals. I was struck by how peaceful and at ease all the animals seem—a testament to the spirit of generosity that you embody. You were generous with your time, with sharing your experience, and, of course, with your amazing culinary skills. The food was stellar! Thanks very much for making my birthday so special."
~ Esther Ehrlich, Goatlandia volunteer
"Volunteering at Goatlandia has brought me so much joy and truly changed my life. I would have never imagined myself turning vegan and it’s really from helping the animals and learning from you all.”
~ Rebekah Hansen, former Goatlandia volunteer
"As a lifelong lover of animals—and three years vegan—I knew that volunteering at Goatlandia was the perfect choice. Deb and her troops take such good care of the Goatlandia rescues, and it’s a pleasure to do my part. Plus I’ve made good friends, both human and animal, along the way."
~ Jane McLaughlin, Goatlandia volunteer
"Our first interaction with Goatlandia was when we sent out a plea for help. We had purchased a house with two resident elderly goats, we were determined not to evict, but love and spoil. As we had no idea how to do this, we called Deborah. She literally rushed to the rescue, cut the goats’ hooves and gave us instructions as to how to care for them.

Subsequently, we started volunteering at Goatlandia. My daughters and I (already vegetarian, but thanks to Deborah now nearly completely vegan) learned a lot about compassionate lifestyle and caring for farm animals.

We ended up adopting 3 lovely goats and two sheep through Deborah’s rescue.
We have been privileged to be part of the Goatlandia family, where we have always felt welcome and appreciated.

We have learned about loving and also losing loved animals. Deborah showed us to be strong, determined advocates for our animal family and to give them the utmost care and love from birth to death.

Thank you for doing what you are doing! We love you!!"
~ Petra, Goatlandia adopter and volunteer
"I originally began volunteering at Goatlandia because I think goats are the cutest and wanted to spend more time outside. Not only did I get to bottle feed baby goats on the regular, (heaven)— I got an excellent education in the importance of farm sanctuaries, met wonderful people, and ate some of the best food I’ve ever had!”
~ Clare Rubin, Goatlandia volunteer
"Working at Goatlandia was a blessing. I enjoyed seeing all the different personalities of the animals. They were silly, sweet, loving, loud and soft. They all seemed to know that they were safe and cared about. This was their forever home.”
~ Judy Meyer, Goatlandia volunteer
"The positive impact is the feeling of love from the animals and it’s huge (from the 1st). It’s also the other like minded animal lovers who team together and the bond of being on a team with a purpose. I don’t know how to describe the feeling of belonging to a community that is based on their hearts, love of animals…..This is my dream, animal rescue! I just started and on my 1st day, max, the blind sheep hugged me, my heart melted. Each visit has been another wow moment. I don’t know how to describe the gratitude I have for being able to give and receive in this special world."
~ Jeanine Berger, Goatlandia volunteer
"What better place to learn about goats than at a place called Goatlandia? Those were my thoughts when I signed up to volunteer. Goatlandia taught me and continues to teach me so much more about a variety of farm animals. Not only about their care, but also about compassionate eating. My eating habits have changed since volunteering and I find myself much healthier and happier in both my mind and body. It’s a pleasure to be around like-minded people and share in the care of these gentle creatures. Many thanks to Goatlandia."
~ Nicki Avellino💕🐐💕, Goatlandia volunteer
“Volunteering at Goatlandia puts a smile on my face as soon as I arrive-- hearing the roosters crow, the goats bleating and the pigs snorting. It takes away my stresses to work with these rescued animals knowing that they are in a safe loving place.”
~ Robert Sneath, Goatlandia volunteer
“I truly enjoyed the fantastic meal Goatlandia served us for lunch. Each dish was wonderfully prepared and delicious.

As an lifetime omnivore, this meal fit well into my comfort zone in terms my preconceived notions of courses. I thought the starters, salad and soup were all fantastic on their own and excellent lead ins to the main course of the mushroom risotto which was delicious, hot, and filling. This made my enjoyment of a totally plant based meal seamless. I can confidently say that this was a delicious meal where I did not "miss" having a meat based dish at all. This wonderful meal has made me view plant based cuisine in a totally different light. Thanks so much for all your efforts.”
~ Fred Park, North Carolina (Private Meal Experience Visitor)
“I first learned about Goatlandia through the Humane Society of Sonoma County earlier this month. I try much support the work that they do, consider them to be a very valuable part of our community.”
~ Maryam Shamim, Goatlandia supporter
“Goatlandia is all about love and respect for all living beings! Visitors, especially children get to interact with the goats, pigs and chickens and learn about how sweet and gentle these animals are. They get to experience excellent vegan food and see that a cruelty free lifestyle is a viable and tasty alternative.”
~ Abbey Levine, Goatlaldia supporter
“As someone who spends a tremendous amount of time working with some of our country’s most powerful leaders and organizations, few have impacted my life as much as Goatlandia. It is a place where human beings, often so lost in the everyday to-do list and unconscious consumption can take a second to connect. To the animals, to the community, to themselves… I know a small sanctuary like Goatlandia has real power to make big change.”
~ Brian Rashid International Speaker and Branding Expert (Goatlandia supporter)
“Goatlandia is an incredible gift to our community. Their efforts during the October Fire Storm is a testament to how dedicated they re to animal welfare. They were the people heading toward the fire to help the stranded animals and rescue them in their trailers. They opened their place for displaced animals in need and allowed their owners peace of mind knowing they were safe. I support Goatlandia and everything they are about. They are a huge asset to the animal community and our community at large.”has real power to make big change.”
~ Trevor Frampton, Owner of Western Farm Center
“Not only does Goatlandia offer excellent foster care more many animals in need, the organization is also very proactive and responsible about health concerns that may arise, and seeks veterinary care very early in disease events… they are a wonderful organization with very high standards and a valuable part of our community.”
~ Dr. Lisa Gamsjaeger, DVM
“I also want to express my appreciation of Goatlandia and all the work they do as a non profit. In an ever-growing for-profit landscape, Goatlandia supremely exemplifies all a responsible company (non-profit or otherwise) should strive for in this current climate. Through their events, tours, and partnerships they are able to execute on their primary goat as a company to raise animal welfare standards - all while educating this community on preservation, environmental and health impacts relevant to Sonoma County animals and residents alike.”
~ Danae Blythe Unti, Unti Vineyards
“Thanks to the educational events they (Goatlandia) have hosted, I have become more informed about the ways animals are treated in the fashion industry and it has motivated me to seek out more sustainable plant-based textiles as to not perpetuate animal suffering. In addition to that, their food events have inspired me to seek out more vegan options thereby reducing my carbon footprint. … I have shared what I’ve learned at Goatlandia with my friends and family, thereby expanding the reach of a positive message.”
~ Lia Larrea - fashion designer and artist
“When people spend time at this sanctuary they become less stressed and build a strong connection with the animals and nature. It is my opinion that this sanctuary’s mission and outreach to our community is a valuable resource for young and old as well as families.”
~ Dr. Harvey Eckhart, M.S, D.C.
“I have taken a goat yoga class at Goatlandia and found it to be such an uplifting and joyful experience. These goats are gentle and intelligent creatures and give such joy to those of us lucky enough to spend some time with them.”
~ Bettina Volk, Goatlandia visitor and yogi
“What makes Goatlandia different than other sanctuaries is the team running the events has a hospitality background, so rather than guilting visitors into treating animals better, they celebrate the loving animals and the delicious plant-based cuisine options through dinners, tours and BBQ’s. This form of education is far superior as it is based in positivity and can be enjoyed by all visitors, regardless of their eating habit or animal rights position.”
~ Alex Eckhart, Goatlandia supporter
“ … we have admired the contributions Goatlandia has selflessly made to the community, showing their true commitment to making it a better place just by being here. We have become involved in many organizations in our time here, but the leadership and dedication of the Goatlandia team remain incomparable.”
~ Joe and Sheila Malvanga, Goatlandia Supporters
“I have been amazing by the professionalism, that care, and the attention to detail and overall goodness of Deborah Blum and Goatlandia’s team. They have shown me the importance of sanctuaries and the movement to slow and healthy foods. Their program is a Godsend for our community and more kids and adults should visit them and be aware of it. It is in total alignment with our county and State’s values of protecting the environment and making California a responsible and leading state in the country.”
~ Jeff Lecoeuche, Farmers Insurance
“.. I don’t think the food-animal connection really clicked for me until I met the chickens at Goatlandia, a bird that I was otherwise indifferent to until Deb shared their background stories. I started feeling a sense of compassion that definitely wasn’t there before. These are creatures who depend on us humans to practice kindness and advocate on their behalf.

Goatlandia is a true example of what it means to be environmentally conscious. The work Goatlandia does goes well beyond the confines of the animals they save and care for in Sonoma County - it benefits the people living in the greater Bay Are who otherwise might not truly realize the plight of farm animals and our relationship to them as consumers.”
~ Lindsey Qualman, San Francisco resident, lawyer, and Goatlandia visitor
“It can be argued that having a strong connection to our food system - understanding where our food comes from and the impact our choices have on our world - is an integral part of our well being, both as individuals and as a community. We are at a point in history where faceless factory farming and a disconnect from nature are the norm. Goatlandia is helping bridge that gap by providing a foundation for growing public awareness of our food system which, in turn, will foster greater public health.”
~ Rachel Berry-Huff, Goatlandia visitor and San Jose resident
“.. Goatlandia is an important educational facility for Sonoma County. The sanctuary hosts elementary through high-school students, as well as adult groups, giving practical information about our natural environment. In addition, for me, one of the most inestimable educational ends that Goatlandia offers is its awakening of compassion within us for all of our Earth cousins.”
~ Natosi Johanna, Goatlandia visitor
“Goatlandia has catered our last two volunteer and staff appreciation parties for the Humane Society of Sonoma County. Their food is incredible, and they are polite, respectful, conscious people. I’ve seen many people open their minds to plant-based food options because of Goatlandia’s food and ethos.”
~ Melissa Ehren, Humane Society of Sonoma County
“I know that our visit expanded my entire family’s circle of compassion and that the lessons of kindness my children took away will positively influence their interactions with society as a whole as they grow up.”
~ Kirsten Gardner, Goatlandia visitor
“I visited last month with a small group and the experience was compassionate and restorative - we witnessed the kindness shown to many animals at the sanctuary. I left with an incredible sense of peace and hope for our planet.”
~ Michael Dahlin, Goatlandia visitor
“Thank you so much for opening your rescue to the public this weekend. We truly enjoyed getting to explore the grounds, meet the animals, and learn about your organization. What amazing work you all do. I was especially impressed with the compassion and enthusiasm of the volunteers. We could tell just how special of a place Goatlandia is just by their kindness. Thank you again, we look forward to visiting again soon.”
~ Sarah, tour visitor

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