Optimism On Challenging Days

November 4, 2021
I like to think I’m an optimist, but some days it’s hard.  I struggle every day with things I see and hear around me and in the news. We live in a world that is rife with division, inequity, racism, discrimination and violence. We feel lonelier and more cutoff from each other than ever before. We work countless hours to make more money to buy more “things” that we hope will make us happy. More people are overweight (or even obese) and dying of preventable diseases, as well as suffering emotionally and psychologically than ever before; including children and young adults. We are preoccupied with self and self promotion; yet we can’t manage to fashion systems of true equity for all.
But, it doesn’t have to be this way. (Here comes the optimist!)

We have a choice. We have the power and ability to change our thoughts, our attitude and our actions. And truly every action matters; however small. A positive attitude can direct the course of our lives and invite happiness, success and abundance, and lift others up along the way. We can choose to live our beliefs and to put out what we want to get back. And, we can do this every time we feed ourselves; nourishing mind, body and spirit in a way that honors life! We can create positive change by BEING THE CHANGE!

Some ways that my husband and I, and also as an organization, we choose to show our appreciation and kindness everyday:

• Eat vegan. Nourish your body with whole, organic, healthful plant-based foods.

• Be kind, even when it’s hard. We all need more kindness.

• Volunteer, donate, and help others in need however you can. For it is in giving that we truly receive.

• Meditate, wherever is works and however it works.

• Don’t sweat the small stuff.

We challenge you to JOIN US and make a pledge to choose a day to be as positive as possible. We all need more of this, and we have everything we need right here inside our hearts.

So….Be kind. Be love. Do good. Be thankful.

Be the flower growing in the crack of concrete.
Be the sun ray that shines through the dark clouds on a stormy day.
Be the smile that lifts someone’s heart just when they need it.
Use your fork to spread love and health, not hate and death.
and with every fiber of my being, I thank you!

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