“Grandma Goat”
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Due to her age,Bridgette (13 yrs old) has very bad teeth. She gets special food -  moistened pellet hay instead of hay.

Your support makes it possible for us to continue to provide the best possible care to our seniors, and namely our wonderful senior lady goat, Bridgette.

We love our senior animal family. If you love seniors too, we have a special Goatlandia membership club called Old Timers Club. Monthly donors who choose Old Timers will have their donations catered towards the special care and food and love we provide to our older animals.

Thank you for your love and support. Animals like Bridgette are thriving at Goatlandia, thanks to you!!

How you can support Lucy and Bridgette:

❤️❤️ Sponsor Bridgette
❤️❤️ Become an Old Timers Club Member

Some of our rescued animals need specific medical care, treatments, or supplements to help them grow and heal here at the sanctuary. Bridgette fall in that category, and so we have a special Cuddly campaign just for them.

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