Dippy, Gigi, Portia, & Brianna

“The Ewoks”
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Dippy and her three sister pigs were purchased by a man who was going to raise them all for meat. After he named them and realized how smart and sweet they were, had a change of heart. Like any sisters, they all have very different personalities and traits: Dippy, loves everything from swiss chard leaves to powered donuts and her tongue is normally hanging outside her mouth. Gigi is the extravert of the family and is the first to come say hello and flop down for a belly rub. Portia is the largest sister and has a very relaxed and reserved personality while Brianna is the smallest and recognized by her wavy hair. She can run the fastest to breakfast and dinner and has a very sweet disposition. Kunekune pigs have short upturned snouts so they do not root and are known for their good temperament.

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