Kids For Compassion
Summer Camp

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2024 "Kids For Compassion"
Summer Camp at Goatlandia

Goatlandia's Kids For Compassion Summer Camp is back!
This year, we are offering a unique experience, combining all ages 6 - 12 into one fun-filled week of outdoor education, compassion and animal friends!

SAVE THE DATE: July 22-26

Registration starts April 8th at 10am. Check back here for updates
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2024 Details

 will be Goatlandia's Sebastopol sanctuary

 Each camp day will be from 8am until 2:30pm. On the final day, camp will end around 12pm, followed by a family group sanctuary tour. All camper families are invited!

Registration Fee
is $395 which includes snacks and lunches, a Goatlandia camp t-shirt, and a gift bag

Eligible Applicants
will be ages 6 - 12 years old

Class will be 30 students maximum
and two age groups: 6-9 and 10-12, with a goal of 15 spots per age group.

4 Scholarship spots available
Two per age group, 6-9 and 10-12. To keep our camp accessible to as many children as possible, we kindly ask that campers who had previously received a scholarship leave these new spots open for others.

All campers will enjoy morning greeting time, lunch and end of day sessions together, and then split into groups for age-specific activities and projects.

In addition to outdoor education, campers will also enjoy various activities including a goat hike, kids yoga, and a plant-based ice cream taste test!

Campers will learn from expert guest speakers on specialized topics such as animal behavior and physiology, nutrition and healthy eating, environmental practices, compassion, and equity and inclusion.

A family group tour for all camp families will be on the last day of camp, along with free passes to join a weekend group tour.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made 4 weeks before first day of camp can be fully refunded.
No refunds for cancellations will be made within 4 weeks of first day of camp.


Email the Camp team at

Goatlandia has a policy of inclusion for all.

Meet Our Camp Educators

Linda Blum

Camp Director & Teacher  •  6-9 Age Group

Linda Blum has been teaching young children for close to 30 years now. Having launched her career as an infant/toddler specialist, Linda currently works mostly with children ranging from 2-7 years of age. Linda has her Bachelor's Degree in Special Education and is a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). She also holds a AA Degree in Child Development. Linda works directly with students who have Special Abilities/Needs. She works in local schools to help support and implement academic and behavior support strategies for children. Linda also provides direct teacher training in the classroom and professional development programs for educators across the Bay Area on best inclusion practices. Linda is honored to be an advocate for children and parents in helping them navigate the world of special needs, accessing services and locating community resources.

Linda created Goatlandia’s Kids Camp curriculum at its inception, and she is very passionate about working with animals and educating young children on healthy food choices and compassionate thinking and living! A vegetarian since age 12, Linda has a special interest in health and nutrition, and is excited about sharing her love of animals with her students.

In her spare time, Linda enjoys dancing Salsa, Tango and Bachata, singing opera, snow and water skiing, and traveling. She is also fluent in Italian, lived in Italy for 2 years and is an Italian citizen. She loves speaking in Italian and teaching ASL (American Sign Language); and is currently learning to speak Spanish.

Dana Dacus-Hare

Camp Teacher • 10-12 Age Group
Dana Dacus-Hare has been teaching children for the past 27 years at the preschool, elementary school, and Middle School levels. She holds a B.A. in Developmental Psychology,with an emphasis in Child Development, from San Francisco State University and a Master of Science in Education from Dominican University.  Her teaching practices are firmly rooted in the beliefs that all children can learn and want to learn, the awareness that social and academic learning should be intertwined, and the understanding that each child is an individual who develops at his or her own pace.

Dana is passionate about our connection to nature, working with animals, and educating young children on how they can be stewards of our environment. She believes that outdoor learning environments provide an authentic context for children to learn about the world and their place within it. As an educator of color, she is also passionate about social justice, equity, and inclusion and seeks to promote fairness and equity through education with her students. She has worked with students in outdoor education programs and has even taught students how to sea kayak! 

In her spare time, Dana loves to spend time with her family, kayak, hike, dance, listen to live music, travel, watch movies, read and learn Spanish.

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