Gertie, Corey & Kim

“The Fainter Family”
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Gertie is a sweet 9 year old pygmy & fainting goat mix. She came to us with her twin kids, Corey and Kim, and the kids' dad, Marcus!

Gertie is very bonded with her son Corey and they enjoy spending the day grazing and sleeping side by side. Although they are a family of fainting goats, they do wonderfully in the herd and we are always sure to not startle them by accident.

Corey is also very bonded with his mom and and is a true mama's boy! Due to his fainting tendencies, Corey is a sweet and shy boy that likes to stay out of the mix.

Kim is the confident girl amongst the other goats in her pasture. She likes to be the first to enter the barn and is very protective of her herd. Around people, Kim is rather shy which is most likely due to her fainting tendencies.

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