“The Peacemaker”
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Guy was adopted from a dairy. Being male and unable to produce milk he wasn’t wanted or needed, so he found his way to Goatlandia. Guy enjoys his days laying on the top level of the goat playground making sure there is peace in the goat pasture. He has a very chill personality and a bromance with Noah.


UPDATE 7/1/2022: We have some sad news to share. We noticed that our sweet Lamancha goat Guy’s health was deteriorating… Along with the vets at UC Davis, we made the hard decision to help him cross the rainbow bridge. 🌈
Guy came to Goatlandia 9 years ago as one of Goatlandia's first rescues. He was born to a local dairy, one that we still rescue from. Since he was born male & unable to produce milk, he was unwanted. Because of Deborah and Goatlandia he was given a beautiful life, a safe home, and a ton of love throughout his life. He had a bad knee which required daily medication and he LOVED getting his medicine every morning in a special little bowl of treats just for him. He would run over when he saw you walk in with a bowl because he knew it was for him! Guy's loss leaves a really big hole in our hearts, but it helps to remember how his life wouldn't have even been guaranteed if it weren't for Deborah saving him 9 years ago. We know he had the best 9 years full of food, naps, and living the best sanctuary life. We will miss him deeply. Thank you all for loving him too. ❤

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