Newborn Baby Goats

“The Throwaway Babies ”
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We have rescued 12 newborn baby goats in the last 3 weeks. They are all boys and they are all throwaways from various dairy farms who truly didn’t care if they were suffering, if they ended up slaughtered or if they died from starvation or neglect.

This is the result of dairy farms. It’s a misconception that goat dairy farms are not as cruel as cow dairy farms. In all cases, females need to give birth in order to produce milk. If the babies are male, dairy farmers have no use for them and quickly get rid of them. The majority of the time, they are hours or days born and taken away from their mothers before they can nurse, which means they don’t receive colostrum which they need to properly fully develop their immune and digestive systems.

By the time the babies reach us, they are usually sick. In the case of all 12 babies we rescued, they have diarrhea caused by a parasite called cryptosporidium. It’s really hard for their systems to fight any illness when their systems can’t properly develop.

Five of the rescued babies were extremely ill. One died shortly after arrival. Five went to UC Davis Hospital for plasma transfers and fluids. Three died at the hospital, and 2 have recovered from critical condition and the vets are hopeful they will make it.

The names of the surviving baby boys:
Brady is one of the first we rescued, he has an iodine stain on his back
Merlin is the smallest, perhaps the youngest.
Nooch and Booch are two La Manchas (tiny ears)
Silas is an all white Saanen
Hudson is a blonde boy the white blaze on his head
Jasper is a black and white furred baby.

When animals get adopted, it means we have room to save more! If you are interested in adopting Newborn Baby Goats, please download our adoption form and reach out to us to schedule a time for a visit and interview!

Some more pictures of us!

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