“Adorable Overbite”
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Newborn NIMBUS came to us wen he was only 14 days old. He still had part of his umbilical cord on him! His mother rejected him and so he was rescued and then brought to us.

He has a pretty significant overbite (also called “parrot mouth” but it hasn’t affected his ability to eat and drink, or be super darn cute! When he first arrived, we honestly did not know for sure if he was a goat or a sheep! He is a hair sheep, so doesn’t have the curly thick wool of most sheep. But he’s definitely a sheep, after looking at his tails (Sheep’s tails point down, goats point up!)

We can use your help so he grows up healthy and strong. Your donations will help with his medical care, and LOTS of milk!!!!!

Some of our rescued animals need specific medical care, treatments, or supplements to help them grow and heal here at the sanctuary. Nimbus falls in that category, and so we have a special Cuddly campaign just for them.

Some more pictures of me!

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