“Trail Blazer”
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Ren is a Nigerian dwarf mix that came to us 2 years ago, after his previous owner lost their property and was in need of a new home for their goats. Ren has very impressive horns to go along with his handsome black and white coat. Although Ren is quiet and tends to keep to himself, he can be very friendly after you've spent some time with him. Even though he prefers to graze alone, he tends to spend most of his time with Aconite and Jupiter.

Recently Ren was diagnosed with squamaous cell carcinoma, and he was the recipient of a laser treatment, successful when used on eyes but they had never tried it in the rectal area where Ren's squamous cells were located, and they are very hopeful that it worked! We'll share his progress soon.

Some more pictures of me!

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