Our Founders


Goddess of Goats and all things Goatlandia. Deborah does it all!

Deb’s been pretty busy in her life with careers that include swimwear designer, restaurateur, and commercial pilot.   After living in San Francisco for 22 years, Deborah gave up the city life, bought a house, and moved to Santa Rosa.  The newly acquired acreage enabled her to have space for a few chickens and a couple of goats.  One thing led to another – her love of farm animals grew, as did her furry and feathered family. After seeing a video about animal agriculture and feeling shocked and saddened, she became vegan overnight and devoted herself to the belief that all beings deserve to be happy and to live a life free of harm and fear.  And then she started rescuing animals. Almost all animals at Goatlandia were destined for slaughter, unwanted, sick, or born with birth defects. They have been rescued, healed, made to feel safe, and are very loved (and a little spoiled). Today Goatlandia is home to 16 goats, 6 pigs, 35 chickens, 4 ducks, 6 sheep, 4 turkeys, 1 horse, 1 cow, 4 dogs, and two happy (and very busy) humans.


Fixits and Tidbits, if Patrick can’t do it, no one can! When in doubt, call Patrick!

Patrick is someone who is totally in love with food. (Oh, and he’s in love with Deborah, his wife too).  Patrick grew up in California and Canada, but Patrick’s serious love of food began 25 years ago when he got a job in the warehouse of an organic produce distribution company in San Francisco. He made his way up through the company over the years to become Director of Operations. He had the incredible opportunity to visit organic farmers all over the world, and his love of fruit and vegetables blossomed. Then he met Deb in 2017 and learned about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. After meeting Deb and the rescued animal family at Goatlandia, well, Patrick found it really easy to give up eating animals and animal products. Patrick shifted to working full time for Goatlandia as a volunteer and is in charge of all the really fun and hard stuff; building structures and fences, repairs and maintenance, compost management, orchard and vineyard work, and animal transport.

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