Future Property

Visit, Learn, Love, Heal, Grow

A year and a half ago, we realized that Goatlandia was a bit too small. Also, we wanted to be able to do more events and have more visitors to the sanctuary, so we needed a property that was zoned for public events. And we found one! And it’s beautiful. In late 2019, we purchased a 20 acre property in Sebastopol, California. It is a beautiful and very special place, and we are so excited about developing it into our new sanctuary and home for the animals. And not only will this place be a home for rescued farm animals, but also a refuge for wildlife! Ten acres of this property is a designated Wildlife Conservation area. It is not developable, and will forever remain a wild space for our wildlife friends to live in. We are honored to share this land with owls, hawks, deer, bobcats, raccoons, opossums, beavers, rabbits and so many others.

We envision this new property to be not only an animal sanctuary, but a gathering place for people to come, to experience health and compassion, to heal, and to spend some regenerative time close to nature and animals. Here at Goatlandia, we fully believe in the incredible healing power of both nature and animals. Our plan is to host small classes and events that include meditation, yoga, wellness practices, animal therapy, Reiki, and more. We also plan to have a garden where we will grow flowers, vegetables, and medicinal herbs and plants; as well as an orchard.

The global pandemic has definitely affected our timeline in developing this property. Sadly, losing our income meant slowing down our build-out. But we are working on our master plan and layout and will begin work in 2021.

You can be a part of this incredible transformation. We are looking for individuals and organizations to help make this happen. If you are interested in supporting this wonderful new sanctuary location and our life-saving work, and enabling us to save and enrich more lives both human and animals, please contact us here.

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