Lunchtime Takeover:
Let's Get Started!

Hello and welcome! 

Thank you for the interest in Goatlandia Kitchen’s Lunchtime Takeover Program.  We are so excited that you are here and applaud your curiosity for plant-based and whole foods. 

Below are details and requirements for our Lunch TakeOver Program. If it all looks good, you may click I Agree or I Agree and UPgrade My Takeover below to continue scheduling your lunch takeover.

Goatlandia Kitchen

  • We can deliver a free lunch for up to 10 employees at your place of business, any weekday subject to schedule availability.
  • Weekly lunch options will include either a Seasonal Sandwich with a side salad OR  Seasonal Grain Bowl (large grain bowl with seasonal veggies, greens, sauce and a pickled/ fermented item). All participants must choose the same option; Sandwich with Salad OR Seasonal Grain Bowl. 
  • We are happy to make accommodations for food allergies and dietary restrictions. We always cook 100% plant-based and organic wherever possible.
  • We are committed to being as environmentally conscious as possible. Your lunch packaging will either be washable and reusable, compostable or recyclable.
  • We will provide a tote for reusable lunch boxes and all service materials. Totes will be picked up by one of our team members at the end of your lunch, or on the day after your lunch.
  • We offer an UPGRADED lunch option that includes a dessert or dessert AND beverage for an additional fee. Select “I AGREE and UPGRADE MY TAKEOVER” below. 

What we kindly ask of you:

  • For each employee who will be participating to provide their name, email address and any food allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Permission to photograph participants. Note: participation is not contingent on permission, if a member or all members of your staff would prefer not to be photographed that is absolutely okay.  
  • If participants take lunch at same time we would love the opportunity to speak for 10-15 min about the meal, ingredients we used and the benefits of eating plant based. 
  • Participants agree to complete a brief online questionnaire about their lunch experience.
  • To provide a credit card number with  pre-approval to charge for 1) replacement cost in the case of unreturned or damaged items 2) to pay any balance for an “upgrade” or group larger than 10 people.

Inclusivity Statement 
Goatlandia Kitchen cares about what our community actually needs to make real life changes in our diets, for our health and the well being of our planet.  We are committed to sharing our passion as an invitation to explore and try on new things including different ways of thinking about our food systems and the impact of our choices. Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible. This is not a food program just for vegans, folks who already shop at farmers markets and can choose to afford whole and plant-based foods; it’s for everyone. We can all use a little inspiration in the kitchen, a reminder to feed our bodies well, to listen to what it needs and do just a little bit better today so tomorrow will be even brighter.
ABOUT GOATLANDIA FARM ANIMAL SANCTUARY Goatlandia Farm Animal Sanctuary is a Sonoma County based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2016. Goatlandia’s mission is to rescue unwanted, orphaned, abused and neglected farm animals and provide them with a loving, safe home at our sanctuary and also through our adoption program. We also love educating the public about the many benefits of a compassionate, eco-minded lifestyle and plant-based eating. We are all about making friends, having fun, eating great food, and living kindly and in harmony with animals, people, and the planet. 
Helping Animals, People, and the Planet

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