Goatlandia's 2023 Calendar!



What?!?! You didn't get a Goatlandia calendar yet???

Well, we've got a deal for you! We're dropping the price from $20 (that's $10 off!)

We've only got a few left, so order your calendars now before they are completely gone!

Goatlandia's 2023 calendar features the following animal models:

Grover the sheep (January)
Dippy & Chuck the Kune Kune pigs (February)
Gus the goat (March)
Meg the turkey (April)
Turner the goat (May)
Jupiter he goat (June)
Lucas the horse (July)
Gunther & The Barbados Crew (August)
Sprite the sheep (September)
Peanut the goat (October)
Ryan the turkey (November)
Marcus the goat (December)



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