SIGNED COPY OF "Lolita Loves the Ocean: The Story of a Wild Orca" by Gina Sequiera



Author Gina Sequiera generously donated signed copies of her wonderul book to us, so your purchase 100% is a donation to Goatlandia!

Based on true events, "Lolita Loves the Ocean: The Story of a Wild Orca", offers both children and adults a vivid insightful account of the life of Lolita or Toki, the second oldest captive orca in the world, surviving in the U.S at Miami Seaquarium, Florida. Wildlife researcher Gina Sequeira embarks readers on an intimate journey of the ways of wild orcas, and onto Lolita’s mental and physical struggle as a prisoner. Accompanied by dynamic illustrations from former San Francisco Academy of Art instructor Christopher Newhard and Sequeira, Lolita’s story may be told transparently without words.

"Lolita Loves the Ocean" uncovers the remarkable deep love among orca families, invites us to rethink our connection or lack thereof with cetaceans, and to expand our perception of them from outside the concrete box.

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