Here are some fun facts about the goat breed called "Saanen"! They are my favorite breed of goat!

🤓 The Saanen breed's scientific name is “Capra aegagrus hircus". They are also referred to by these other names in other languages: Saanenziege, Chèvre de Gessenay, and Capra di Saanen.

🌍 The breed originated Switzerland. This breed of goat lives better in cooler weather. They are the largest dairy breed of goats. They are descended from goats that adapted to high elevation swiss mountains. In Switzerland Saanen goats travel in herds of up to 100. Today, there are about 900,000 Saanens worldwide.

⭐️ Personality Traits: Known to "prance", they have an elegant carriage, and have calm mellow demeanor. Saanens are very gentle natured, sweet goats. Just like dogs, different breeds of goats can have different general personalities.

🐐 Size: Females average 130lbs,while males average 180lbs.
💪 Health: They are highly resistant to disease, they adapt well to really harsh climates, and have tough hooves. Give them shade as they are susceptible to sunburn because of their light skin. Their lifespan is about 9-15 years.

👨‍👩‍👦 Family life: Nannies and kids can recognize each other’s voices from the moment of birth. Saanen goats are excellent mothers who are very protective of their kids.

Goatlandia has been fortunate to have raised and rescued several wonderful Saanens through the years.

Featured: Liam; L-R below: Rainey, Nigel, Priscilla, and Bryce with Deb

All About Saanens! All About Saanens! All About Saanens! All About Saanens!

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